AH85276 Drive Idler Pulley for Case-IH Combine

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AH85276 Drive Idler Pulley for Case-IH Combine

An idler pulley is a mechanical component that is used to guide and tension a belt or chain in a machine or piece of equipment. It is typically mounted on a bracket or arm and rotates freely on a bearing or bushing.

The main function of the idler is to provide tension to the belt or chain by creating a larger belt winding Angle around the drive wheel. This increased wrap Angle helps improve traction and reduce slippage, which can occur when the belt or chain is loose or has inappropriate tension. In addition, by providing a smooth surface for the belt or chain, the idler helps reduce noise and vibration.

Idler Pulley Parameter:

  • 7.992-inch effective diameter
  • 0.635-inch bore
  • 1.496-inch groove width
  • 1.940-inch overall width
  • 1.55 kg Weight
  • Steel

Fits Equipment Models:

Equipment type Model
MOWER, TRACTOR-MOUNTED 172 Rotary Mower -PC1568; 272 Rotary Mower -PC1568; 72 Rotary Mower -PC1568
TILLER, TRACTOR-MOUNTED:450,550,647,655,660,
665,670,673,680,681,DIGGER, POSTHOLE:31C,MOWER, ROTARY:261,272,GENERATOR:10K
31C Posthole Digger -PC9255; 450 Tiller (2210/4010/4110/4115) -PC9255; 550 Tiller -PC9255; 647 Tiller (2210/4010/4110/4115) (NOT SHOWN) -PC9255; 655 Tiller (4110/4115/4210/4310/4410) (Not Shown) -PC9255; 660 TILLER -PC9255; 665 Tiller (4210/4310/4410/4510/4610/4710) (Not Shown) -PC9255; 670 Tiller (Not Shown) -PC9255; 673 Tiller (4510/4610/4710) (Not Shown) -PC9255; 680 Tiller (Shown) -PC9255; 681 Tiller (4510/4610/4710) (Not Shown) -PC9255
TRACTOR, COMPACT UTILITY, ATTACHMENT 272 Rotary Mower -PC9423; 31C Posthole Digger -PC9423; 647 Tiller (2305/2320/2520) -PC9423; 655 Tiller (Shown) (2320/2520/3203/31-3720) -PC9423; 665 Tiller (Not Shown) (31-3720/3203/41-4720 -PC9423; 673 Tiller (41-4720) -PC9423; 681 Tiller (41-4720) -PC9423

Advantages Of Idler Pulley:

Improved tension: One of the main advantages of using idlers is that they help to improve the tension of the belt or chain. Proper tension is essential for the effective operation of the machine or equipment, and an idler helps ensure that the belt or chain stays tight and does not slip or skip. This increased tension also helps to reduce wear on the belt or chain and other components in the system.

Reduce vibration: Idlers also help to reduce the vibration of the system. Vibrations can damage machinery or equipment because they cause damage and reduce efficiency. The idler provides a smooth surface for the belt or chain, helping to reduce vibration and noise.

Increase belt life: The idler helps to increase the life of the belt or chain. When the belt or chain is properly tensioned, it will last longer and require less maintenance. An idler also helps reduce wear on a belt or chain by providing a smooth surface to allow it to run.

Increase efficiency: Using an idler in a machine or equipment can help increase efficiency. When the belt or chain tension is appropriate and running smoothly, the machine or equipment operates more efficiently and consumes less energy. This can save costs over time.

Versatility: Idlers are versatile and can be used in various applications. They come in different sizes and designs, which allows them to be used in many different machines and devices.



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Idler Pulley Application: